Lympstone Entertainments


Fri 5th     The Early Quartets 1                      

7.00pm   Op. 18 nos. 1, 2 & 3                          


Sat 6th    The Rasumovsky Quartets           

6.00pm   Op. 59 nos. 1, 2 & 3                         


Sun 7th   The Late Quartets 1                        

3.30pm   Op. 131 & 132                                     


Please take careful note of the starting time for each concert.

The Dante Quartet, with David Timson (actor) as Beethoven,

trace Beethoven’s personal and musical journey through his 17 string quartets. These performances will combine the exquisite playing of The Dante Quartet with a dramatised personal testimony from Beethoven himself. 

The dramatised passages will feature new writing by playwright Clare Norburn alongside original sources and letters, including the famous Heiligenstadt Testament in which Beethoven expresses his despair at his growing deafness. 

The concert series can be dipped into or enjoyed complete, giving the listener new insights and a deeper understanding of Beethoven’s music and his extraordinary personal journey.




“Daring and vivid one-man psychodrama”

The Guardian, 2016 on Clare Norburn’s concert/play Breaking the Rules with the Marian Consort



“The unflinching integrity of their interpretation and the excitement of their playing were consistently superb.”  

The Guardian, 2014 on the Dante Quartet



Fri 2nd     The Early Quartets 2

7.00pm    Op. 18 nos. 4, 5 & 6


Sat 3rd     Transformations

6.30pm    Op. 74 Harp, Op. 95 Serioso, Op. 127


Sun 4th    The Late Quartets 2

3.30pm   Op. 130, Op. 133 Grosse Fugue, Op. 135