Lympstone Entertainments

Lympstone Entertainments is delighted to be affiliated to the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust who have a Ticket Scheme for young people aged 8-25 (inclusive).

CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust was formed in 1998 with the aim of developing young audiences for chamber music.It is the only organisation in the UK which concentrates solely on increasing awareness of chamber music amongst young people.

We are able to offer free concert tickets to young people because CAVATINA will give us £7.50 towards the price of a ticket for every young person who attends. We strongly support their philosophy, so we will pay the balance on every free ticket.

If you would like to take advantage of a free ticket, you need to fill in the booking form and we will reserve a ticket for you. We ask for a £5 deposit that will be returned when you arrive. You will need to sign a CAVATINA form at the door, and then you will be given a ticket and your £5 will be refunded.  

Young people coming with a music teacher need not pay the deposit, but teachers should book the exact number of tickets using the booking form..



Booking form